Spotlight on backstage: Poly's technical theatre program

When thinking about a theatrical production, often what first comes to mind are the actors on stage and the musicians who support their performance. What might not be readily obvious is the skilled team working behind the scenes to bring the performance to life. Lighting, sound, stage design — this is the intricate work that can make all the difference and astound the audience. While you won't see this team on the stage taking a final bow, you cannot deny the profound impact of their work on the overall experience.

At Poly, beginning in the Middle School and continuing through their high school years, students may choose to participate in the tech theatre program, through which they assist with plays, instrumental and choral productions, and the much-anticipated annual Upper School spring musical. Whether laying down a dance floor on the stage, creating props in the workshop, ensuring the lighting complements a scene, or directing the sound and lighting from the booth, "techies," as they're called, make sure the performances go off without a hitch.

Check out this video of Poly's current eighth-graders completing a scene shift between last year's seventh grade play and dance show. See more photos of Poly's "techies" in action!
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