Get Engaged With Your Community

Polytechnic School believes that appreciation for and involvement with the communities in which we live is an integral part of being an educated citizen. To this end, the Student Community Engagement Program provides Poly’s Middle School and Upper School students opportunities to develop responsibility, understanding, and a connection to the community outside the school.

Our Mission
Fosters lifelong passion for community engagement through meaningful service-learning in classrooms, programs, and individual endeavors.

Our Vision
Poly community members will dedicate themselves to meeting local and global needs.

Our Values
Youth empowerment, mutual mentorship, social justice, inclusion, reciprocity, empathy.

Student Community Engagement FAQs

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  • What is service learning?

    Service learning and community engagement are our goals, and they are directly related to social-emotional learning, equity, and inclusion. With service learning, students investigate the underlying issues of a community’s needs and learn how to meet those needs using their talents and skills. They prepare themselves with new skills and knowledge before taking action. Active listening, reflection, asking questions, building empathy, ethical action, and humility are all important aspects of service learning.
  • How can students engage with the community during distance learning?

    During distance learning and safer-at-home practices, students will be able to volunteer virtually to stay in touch with our community partners. For more information please contact Renée Larios at
  • What are the guiding principles for student community engagement?

    Poly uses the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as a framework for students to ground their community engagement work. The 17 goals address the global challenges we face in hopes of achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.
    Learn more at the Global Goals for Sustainable Development site.
  • Can students fundraise as part of community engagement?

    Fundraising is not part of our engagement program. Students should demonstrate their care and support in other ways. However, they are encouraged to apply for community engagement grants that will support their work or the organizations and causes they care about.

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    Renée Larios 

    Student Community Engagement Coordinator
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