Emergency Preparedness

The school has an emergency plan to ensure the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff during an emergency or natural disaster. This plan is reviewed by the Emergency Preparedness Committee on an ongoing basis. Throughout the year, students, faculty, and staff participate in practice drills and receive instruction on fire, earthquake, active shooter, lockdown, and classroom evacuation procedures.

Emergency Communication Systems

During an emergency or natural disaster, Polytechnic School will use an emergency messaging service and the school website (when possible) as the primary source of communication with its families and school personnel. Parents are asked to help keep the school’s telephone lines open during an emergency by checking the school website and awaiting instructions via the school’s emergency messaging service. 

Emergency Messaging Service

Polytechnic School employs an emergency voice and text messaging service that will relay messages to parents using phone numbers from the student’s emergency information form/agreement. In case of a busy signal, disconnected line, or no answer, the service will redial families up to three additional times at each phone number with three minutes in between each try. The school cannot guarantee, however, that every number will be reached by phone in an emergency.

Remaining On Campus During An Emergency

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, students, faculty, and staff are expected to remain on campus unless conditions dictate otherwise. During an emergency, students stay assembled with their teachers until the danger has passed. Because it is essential to keep the roads free and clear for emergency vehicles, parents should not come to school until the school’s emergency communication system instructs them to do so. In the very unlikely event that the entire student body, faculty, and staff need to evacuate from the school property, the school’s emergency communication system will provide information regarding the off-campus evacuation site.

Student Release And Pick-Up

The school will notify parents via the emergency communication system about when and where to pick up their children. A student will be released to only those authorized individuals indicated on the student’s current emergency information form. Student pick up locations will be dependent upon the type and location of the emergency. Follow the release instructions that are communicated by school safety personnel and local authorities during the event.

In the event of an emergency (i.e., natural disaster), student drivers or bike riders should not leave campus unless they have received school and parental permission first.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency First Aid supplies are located in all the classrooms and many of the administrative offices. The school’s emergency bunker is equipped with a 72-hour supply of food and water along with medical supplies, games, and restroom facilities to keep students comfortable and safe.
Questions or concerns may be directed to Dave Yamaoka, manager of safety and sustainability, at 626-396-6371.