Supporting All Learners

From the founding of the school, Poly has valued the unique gifts that each student brings to our community. Whether in our advisory settings or through individual support, we focus on community building and connectedness so students feel safe, secure, and successful. Beginning with knowing students as individuals, we offer robust social, emotional, and academic resources to help each learner reach their full potential. 

We understand that in a distance-learning environment, many students may find it challenging to show what they know and can do. We have resources to provide academic counseling and support for students to help them successfully transition to the distance-learning environment. We want to equip students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Resources

Every Lower School student is guided on their individual journey by a team of educators dedicated to providing them with the time and support they need to grow. The Lower School Director ensures successful educational programming. The School Psychologist consults on social-emotional needs. The Assessment, Instruction, and Learning Specialist leads the Student Success Team and serves as the academic dean and learning specialist. The Dean of Student Life supports student leadership and behavior and social needs. Instructional Coaches coach teachers to meet instructional goals and provide supplemental instruction to students. Teachers facilitate students’ academic growth and social-emotional skills development and are parents’ point of contact (homeroom teacher).
Middle School Advisory is an important aspect of Middle School life and reflects the school’s mission to “develop the intellect, talents, and character of each student.” Advisory provides a home base where students can establish a close relationship with at least one adult who knows their strengths and areas of need in all aspects of school life: academic, social, and personal. Advisors lead discussions and facilitate activities on a variety of topics including social skills, personal development, community, and study skills. The advisor also serves as a liaison between home and school.
Upper School Advisory is developmentally-driven and informed by issues in the school community and beyond. Advisory curriculum is rooted in and focused on current events, and is topic-driven increasing students’ awareness of their engagement in the world. We focus on relationship building, connectedness, and community building. In 9th grade, we focus on how to be high schoolers. In 10th grade, we build skills for civil discourse and practicing skills in conversations. In 11th grade, we focus on managing stress and anxiety. In 12th grade, we continue to build on these skills and expand civil discourse in preparation to send our graduates out into the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Support Team

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  • Photo of Clint Daniels

    Clint Daniels 

    Lower and Middle School Psychologist
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  • Photo of Andrea Fleetham

    Andrea Fleetham 

    Upper School Counselor
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  • Photo of Ivana Kovacevic

    Ivana Kovacevic 

    Lower School Dean of Teaching and Learning
  • Photo of Justin Riddle

    Justin Riddle 

    Upper School Counselor and Human Development Teacher
  • Photo of Andrew Schneider

    Andy Schneider 

    Middle School Math; 7th Grade Dean; Middle School Dean of Student Support
  • Photo of Maya Seneus

    Maya Seneus 

    Upper School Learning Specialist
    (626) 396-6470
  • Photo of Alexandra Velasco

    Alex Velasco 

    Lower School Dean of Student Life; Assistant Director of Admission Lower School
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  • Photo of Sarah Wolf

    Sarah Wolf 

    Middle School Dean of Academics and Student Life; Middle School English