Making the Transition from Poly to College

The College Counseling program is an extension of Poly’s mission to develop the intellect, talents, and character of each student. The customized process provides students with opportunities for self-reflection, personal growth, and development. 
The program is characterized by the accessibility of the counseling staff, the low student-counselor ratio, the personalized attention and application support for all students, specialized assistance to student-athletes and student-artists, advocacy for all of our students, and general assistance with counseling for financial aid. With almost 65 years of combined experience, Poly’s College Counseling staff has worked in administrative, teaching, counseling, and college counseling fields, and has presented at conferences and trained college and high school counseling personnel across the country. 

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Mission Statement

The college counseling process requires authenticity as students are encouraged to build skills that will serve them during their college years and throughout their lives. A successful college process requires a willingness to build self-knowledge, an openness to discover new options, and an ability to work thoughtfully toward an uncertain outcome. 

To help students and their families navigate this process, the college counselors at Poly will:
  • Know and care for all of their students
  • Offer honest, professional, experience-based guidance and support
  • Help students discover and research schools that match their accomplishments, interests, and goals
  • Build with students and their families an appropriate and balanced college plan
  • Assist students as they apply authentically and effectively to colleges and universities

    Support Offered to Students

    The College Counseling office provides services based on the individual needs of each student and family.

    Examples of the list of services include:
    • Individualized college testing plan
    • A comprehensive college counseling course in spring of junior year and fall of senior year
    • Student and family meetings focusing on college lists, testing, applications, essays, and other topics
    • Essay and application workshops
    • Individualized preparation and practice for admission interviews
    • Instruction for researching colleges and universities
    • Guidance building a personalized and balanced college list 
    • Assistance planning college trips and scheduling college visits
    • Instruction and support for use of the Common Application, the CSU and UC applications, and UCAS
    • Comprehensive, personalized letters of recommendation for each student
    • Support for student-athletes who are navigating the recruitment process
    • Support for student artists building and submitting arts portfolios and supplements
    • Help with the financial aid process 

    In addition to their work with students and families, college counselors at Poly visit dozens of colleges and universities each year to learn about a wide variety of schools and to connect with admission colleagues. 

    College Counseling Team

    List of 3 members.

    • Photo of Mark Rasic

      Mark Rasic 

      Director of College Counseling; 11/12th Grade Dean
    • Photo of Edward Pickett

      Eddie Pickett 

      College Counselor; 11/12th Grade Dean
    • Photo of Garine Zetlian

      Garine Zetlian 

      College Counselor; 11/12th Grade Dean