The Middle School years are marked by transformative experiences and important milestones beyond the classroom. From grade-level trips and interscholastic athletics to service projects and artistic performances, Poly students develop a strong sense of self and one's responsibility in the greater community.

List of 6 items.

  • Advisory Program

    Polys advisory program reflects a team approach to foster student well-being and academic success. Advisors serve as a liaison to parents/guardians and work closely with grade-level deans, dean of students, learning resources specialist, school psychologist, and the director of health services to support student progress.
  • FLEx

    FLEx is a time in the schedule in which students investigate topics that stem directly from the classroom curriculum, as well as subjects that allow them to enrich and build upon critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Students at this age learn effectively through crossand multi-curricular lessons, and FLEx, which meets twice a week, incorporates activities and projects that enable this type of exploration.
  • Global Initiatives Program

    Through the Global Initiatives Program (GIP), Poly students are encouraged to become considerate, contributing, and connected global citizens. Throughout Middle School, students actively participate in curricular offerings addressing international topics and global issues. From cultivating relationships with pen pals in East Africa to taking field trips to local cultural and religious sites, Poly students gain global awareness through coursework, cultural interaction, and service learning initiatives.
  • Interscholastic Athletics

    Athletics In Middle School, students are encouraged to participate in a team sport to team the value of good sportsmanship, fair competition, and interdependence. Teams include flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, track and field, swimming, baseball, softball, and golf. Students continue to learn the fundamentals of various sports in Physical Education (P.E.). 
  • Outdoor Education

    Students find adventure and appreciate the world and people around them during Outdoor Education trips once a year through Middle School. Each experience has a different focus, such as community building, teamwork, and environmental sustainability.
  • Student Community Engagement

    Students learn about their community and are of service to others, both locally and globally. Across all grades, students are given multiple opportunities to engage in service learning projects that are integrated into the Middle School curriculum.

Block Program

Once a week, students participate in an extended block period that takes them beyond the traditional curriculum. Block provides students an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of a topic and engages them in connections that extend beyond the classroom. It allows time for personal growth, increased responsibility, and service to others.

Examples of Block offerings are:
  • Climate Change
  • Coding
  • Debate
  • Newspaper
  • Poly K-5 Classroom Assistants
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook
  • Science Olympiad