Graduating from Poly doesn't have to mean losing touch! Plan a meal or gathering for your fellow Poly alumni in college wherever you live/go to school with support from the Alumni Office. 

Planning Guidelines

  • All proposed gatherings will need to receive approval from the Alumni Office in advance. Please email us at to start the conversation.
  • The invitation will be extended to all Poly alumni in college at your college/university or area. The Alumni Office will help with facilitating this.
  • Poly will reimburse meals up to $20/person with an itemized receipt. Please note, alcohol can not be reimbursed.
  • For reimbursement please provide a copy of the receipt, first and last name and Poly class year of all in attendance, city or college/university and a photo of your gathering to the Alumni Office at Please note, these may be used in future communications and on the alumni website.

Alumni Snapshots

What Your Network Has To Say...

"A couple weeks ago, a group of us Poly alumni went out to dinner for the first time since quarantine. This new group included lots of recent transfers, giving us all a nice chance to see who we know in the city. Due to our spread throughout the city, and schedules it was nice to have this time to reconnect with people we know. We look forward to visiting Poly when we are back, and are incredibly grateful to Poly’s Alumni Association for supporting the chance for alumni to hold onto their relationships!"

"It was so wonderful to reconnect after almost a year and a half of restrictions, and we sincerely appreciate the alumni office sponsoring gatherings like this."

"This evening, I along with fellow alumni enjoyed our first sit down dinner together since the start of the pandemic. Because we go to universities in different cities (NYU and UPenn), and the social distancing constraints in place while we were at home, this was a truly special evening and opportunity to reconnect after a time apart. We’re looking forward to visiting campus when we return to Pasadena and appreciate the alumni office sponsoring opportunities like these that maintain our Poly relationships."