Collaborative, Integrated Learning

Poly’s Middle School faculty are experts in adolescent development, and they empower students to take risks and discover new talents. Collaborative projects in each academic area reinforce the importance of cooperation and collective achievement, while interdisciplinary learning helps students make meaningful connections between coursework and current events.

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  • English

    Students develop critical reading and writing skills, proficiency in English grammar, and appreciation for the expressive power of language.
  • History

    The curriculum sequence includes Ancient History (sixth grade), World Cultures and Geography (seventh grade), and U.S. History (eighth grade) and builds skills in analytical reading, research, writing, and oral expression.
  • Human Development

    Well-being is at the core of the Human Development program which provides students with an understanding of their own bodies, strategies for responsible decision making, and the knowledge and skills necessary to have healthy, positive, and safe relationships.  
  • Mathematics

    Students develop mathematical fluency, good habits of study, and focus on the conceptual understanding of “why” and not just the procedural understanding of “how” to solve a problem.
  • Performing Arts and Visual Arts

    To nurture confidence and a lifetime of artistic engagement, students develop their talents through the visual arts and the performing arts. Programs such as Cantatori (vocal ensemble), Dance, Digital Art, Musical Theatre, Orchestra, and Wood Design provide additional creative opportunities beyond the curriculum.
  • Physical Education

    P.E. offers progressive curricula that ensure student participation and skill development. All activities allow for the development of leadership, sportsmanship qualities, and self-confidence while seeking to address the needs of the individual child.
  • Science

    Students explore concepts in water resources, earth science, climate change, chemistry, physics, and biology; with a particular emphasis in human biology. They build their skills for conducting investigations and learn about evidence-based reasoning. Their curiosities are ignited about the natural world.
  • World Languages

    Students continue their coursework in Spanish or begin the study of Mandarin Chinese, French, or Latin. Communication skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing are emphasized in the curriculum.

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    Pat Gray 

    Middle School Director
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    Sarah Wolf 

    Middle School Dean of Academics and Student Life; Middle School English

Alena T. '25

I love Poly with all my heart, especially Poly's debate program. I enjoy working on my public speaking skills while having fun. The coaches are so wonderful and kind, so it’s really a joy working with them and your friends.