Join us for Alumni and Reunion Weekend on May 2, 3, and 4, 2019. We invite all alumni, parents of alumni, and former faculty and staff to come together for three days of exciting events and celebrations across campus. Enjoy the company of old and new friends and the familiar places and spaces that represent the spirit of our Poly community. We look forward to welcoming members of classes ending in 4 or 9 to celebrate their milestone 15th through 50th reunions!

The weekend has something for everyone. Festivities include the Poly Pet and Hobby Show, 50-Year Club Dinner, Reunion Dinners, Alumni Roundtable, Upper School spring musical, annual Alumni Family Picnic featuring food from alumni chefs and restaurateurs, athletic events, campus tours, class visits, and much more. We hope you’ll join us!

Please register online by April 22. Contact the Alumni Office at 626-396-6334 or if you have any questions. 
View campus maps and driving directions and hotels and lodging.

For questions, please contact the Alumni Office at 626-396-6334. 

Schedule of events

Thursday, May 2
Alumni Roundtable at the Caltech Athenaeum 
7:30 to 9 a.m. 
Straight from the Source - Challenges and truths of journalism today. 
Featuring: Melissa Culross '88, reporter and anchor, KCBS San Francisco
Tony Femino '87, co-founder "The Podcast Pros," founder, The Media International Group, and creator of "Voice to America"
Joe Mathews '91, columnist and editor, Zocalo Public Square. 
Moderated by John Horn '78, host, arts and entertainment programming at KPCC, The Frame
$30 per person, breakfast included 

Celebration of Girls Varsity Soccer CIF Championships of 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994
6 to 8:30 p.m. 
Alumnae Girls Varsity Soccer players and parents are invited to a special evening and dinner honoring four years of CIF championships. 
RSVP to Alice Cherry by April 22.
Friday, May 3

Poly Pet and Hobby Show, Babcock Field
12 to 3 p.m. 
Don't miss this Poly favorite with food trucks, games, and the perennial student exhibitions and pets! Stop by the alumni boot for some Poly swag. 
50-Year Club Dinner inducting the Class of ’69, McWilliams Courtyard, South Campus
4:30 to 7 p.m. 
Induction of the Class of '69 among this special group of alumni; all guests receive admission to the spring musical afterward. Alumni in classes 1969 and prior, RSVP by April 12.

Upper School Spring Musical - "The Little Mermaid"
7:30 p.m. 
Enjoy a tradition that's still going strong! General ticket sales are now open through our online ticketing system.
To request a wheelchair accessible seat, please contact Cynthia Crass (please note: these seats are not available online).
Please print your tickets and bring to them to the performance or show the tickets on your phone to an usher.

Saturday, May 4

11:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. 
Alumni Family Picnic - Debbie Reed Courtyard, North Campus
North Campus and South Campus tours, Debbie Reed Courtyard
A fun gathering for all alumni and their families - partners, parents, children! Lunch will feature local favorites and special offerings from Poly's own alumni chefs/restaurateurs, including Alexandra Poer '87 (Alexandra's Table), Andrea Uyeda '91 (ediBOL), and André Vener '91 (Dog Haus). Special vocal and dance performances by Anna Christy Stepp '94, Hilary Thomas '94, and Lineage Dance Company. Campus tours offered. 

2 to 3 p.m. 
"The Gardens of Brécy: A Lasting Landscape"
Lecture by Dr. Eric Haskell '69
Founders Hall, North Campus
No RSVP required

5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
South Campus tours, McWilliams Courtyard, South Campus

Reunion Class Cocktail Reception, Arden Lawn, South Campus
6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Open to the Classes of ’69, ’74, ’79, ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, and ’04 and their guests.
Reunion Class Dinners, South Campus
7:30 to 10:30 p.m.
We welcome the Classes of ’69, ’74, ’79, ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, and ’04 and their guests.
We'll welcome reunion classes and their guests for a fun evening celebration; includes campus tours, reception, class photos, reunion giving awards, and separate dinners for each class to enjoy. 

Upper School spring musical - "The Little Mermaid" 
Enjoy a tradition that's still going strong! General ticket sales are now open through our online ticketing system.
To request a wheelchair accessible seat, please contact Cynthia Crass (please note: these seats are not available online).
Please print your tickets and bring to them to the performance or show the tickets on your phone to an usher.

Sunday, May 5
Upper School spring musical -  "The Little Mermaid" 

Alumni make an impact

Each year, gifts from our alumni community account for nearly 25 percent of the school’s fundraising goals. Recognizing the uniqueness of the Poly community and the opportunities and experiences afforded by a Poly education, alumni have maintained a strong commitment to supporting Poly financially. By contributing to Poly at any level, alumni donors ensure current and future students benefit in the same ways they did when they were Poly students. Many alumni choose to give a special contribution to Poly in honor of their reunion.

During the reunion celebrations, the Alumni Association presents two giving awards, the Gosney Award to the class with the greatest cumulative giving and the Willis Stork Award to the class with the highest participation rate, to recognize the increased participation and support. Learn more about the Poly Fund and how your gift makes an impact.

Stay connected

Alumni and Reunion Weekend comes once a year, but you can keep in touch with the alumni community around the world year-round. Learn about the many ways to connect through online communities, events, volunteer and leadership opportunities, student engagement, and career resources by visiting Poly Alumni Association website.

Who came to Reunion Weekend 2017?

Who came to Reunion Weekend 2018? In April 2018, we celebrated the reunions of the Classes of ’03, ’98, ’93, ’88, ’83, ’78, ’73, and ’68. More than 500 alumni and guests joined us for a special time of reconnecting with friends and reflecting on years spent at Poly. See photos highlighting the events.

Reunion committees

List of 10 items.

Reunion dinner attendees

List of 9 items.

  • Class of 2004

    *updated May 1*

    Kara Cathcart 
    Anne Fauvre-Willis 
    John and Kathleen Holman
    Stephen and Alyse Huffman
    Karyn Mallya
    Jason Nagata
    Laura Reardon
    Lt. Katharine Woods 
    Peter Wyman
  • Class of 1999

    *Updated May 1*

    Koko and Corinna Archibong
    Lisa Caldwell
    Marisa and Ezra Callahan
    Scott Davids
    Nicholas Degani
    Luna Federici
    Traci and Michael Gadow
    Cara Gambardella
    Francesca Hessler
    Sumner and Cherie Hollingsworth
    Victor Huang
    Rachael Koffman
    Sunjay Lad
    Matthew and Hannah Lawler 
    Michaela Mares-Tamayo 
    Lisa Mayock and Jeffry Halmos
    Christopher and Theresa Mendoza

    Betty Picinic Norheim and Neiel Norheim
    John Prescott
    Anil and Michelle Ranavat 
    Jethro Rothe-Kushel 
    Robert and Kelley Terrazas

    Evan White
    Daniel and Darinka Whitmore
    Brett Whittemore
    Michelle Wu
  • Class of 1994

    *Updated May 1*

    Kwame and Robynn Jackson Brathwaite
    Jay and Cindy Hwang Chiang
    Jennifer Cohen 
    Solveig Singleton and Ananda Gupta
    Elliott and Lindsay Hollingsworth
    Minnie Ingersoll 
    Elizabeth Freeburg Korman 
    John Rowden and Kenneth Lao 
    Matthew and Chloe Lowe 
    Thomas and Melody Lowmboy-Lowe
    Ryan and Kristina Myers 
    Maricela Oceguera-Shukie 
    Arthur Palmer
    David Raichlen
    Chad and Lindsay Robbins Sparks 
    Anna Christy Stepp

    Hilary Thomas 
    Judy Tu 
    Ashley Westfall 

    Alyson Wycoff 
    Blanca Fromm Young 
  • Class of 1989

    *Updated May 1*

    Gregory and Suzanne Arther 
    Darbin and Wayne Chan

    Wendy and Jeffrey Denham
    Neelima Gupta Doshi
    Michael and Christine Franke
    Elizabeth Kim and Christopher Gidden
    Theodore Griffin 
    Catherine Baker Herrold

    Saeed and Kishwar Jaffer
    Richard Khoe
    Philantha Kon
    Pier Kuehn
    Joe and Caroline Jones Ludlow
    Edward McCarthy
    Mary Nasser 
    Devon Danz Preston
    Ashley Owen Reid
    Carolee Reiling 
    Peter and Shelly Suh

    John and Michele Waller
    Joel Wilson and Elena Kilberg
    Gloria Wong and Reid Feldman
    John Yen and Annie Huang
    Emmy Yoshida and Andy Gooden
    Michael Yun and Nancy Choy
  • Class of 1984

    *Updated May 1* 

    Sharon Cassell and Michael Norris
    Stephanie Fox and Ben Taylor
    Nicholas Griffin 
    David Haerle 
    Monica Harris
    Jacqueline Bianchi Herman 
    Katie High
    Juli Khoe 
    Steven and Mary Kochones
    Scott Lindus 
    Ghen Maynard
    Joyce Mitamura and Mike Tatsugawa
    Karen Mitchell and Randy Townsend
    Sabrina Muntz Rassam
    Soterios Rouman 

    Gretchen Seager
    John and Carin Powell Schiller 
    Elizabeth Albrecht Singer
    Elizabeth and Robert Stellwagen
    Stephen and Carol Watkins 
    Corbet and Laura Wilcox
  • Class of 1979

    *Updated May 1*

    Jack Andrews
    Richard Anderson
    David Andreas 

    Sarah Babcock
    Brian and Susan Berdan
    Anne Chadwick
    Nancy McLaughlin Fugleberg
    Gerald Gollin
    Andrew Gray 
    Edwin Jaeger
    Tony and Alison Carter Latiolait

    Chuck and Hannah Li Lee
    Ann Mitchell
    Cheryl Nickel
    Richard Rho
    Lillemor Hastrup Ross 

    Jonathan and Helen Schwartz
    Sally Shore
    Mark Stevenson
    Timothy Titus
    Alexander and Linda Varga
    David Wayte and Sophie de Kansky
    Andrea Welsing-Lowery
    Janet Willcox
    Bryan Wilson
  • Class of 1974

    *Updated May 1* 

    Rod Guerra
    Loring Huebner Guessous
    Gregory and Karen Hamlin
    Phil and Laura Huffman 
    Megan McCaslin 
    Timothy Morphy 
    Robin Buckley and James Olds 
    Melissa Patton 
    Duane Peterson 
    Michelle Lorenzen Raitt 
    Daniel Siekman
    Georgina Jones Smith 
    Martha Stancill 
    Henry Stimson
    Dede Royce Vlietstra 
  • Class of 1969

    *Updated May 1*

    Martha Barrett
    Pat Barry 
    Spike Booth
    Gabrielle Daniels Bradley
    Sigrid Burton
    Suzanne Duval 
    Sally Ellis 
    Dr. Denise Enari 
    Janice Lynn Feinstein 
    Dr. Daniel Gibbs and Lois Seed
    David Glass 
    Lester Hall, Jr. 
    Coburn and Sherry Haskell 
    Eric Haskell
    Eleni Valarie Lambros 
    Alexandra Smith Maclay
    Ed Pohlman
    Thomas Price 
    Linda Sinclair Riggall 
    Antoinette Valpredo Rudnick 
    Dinah Smith 
    Pamela Sutton 
    William Wallace 
    Claudia and Leonadi Ward, Jr

    Carl West
    Lydia Stewart Woodward 
  • 50-Year Club Dinner

    *Updated April 29*

    Priscilla Dunn Flynn '44
    Betty Christian Jones '44
    Katherine Palmer Liddle '44
    Frank '44 and Toshie Mosher 
    Martha '46 and Richard Haake
    Linda Massey
    Barbara Bishop
    Linda Kamb '47
    Alexander '48 and Carole Babcock
    Jane Colby Parks '48
    Olin Barrett '52
    Steve Halsted '52
    Amanda Nyce McIntyre '52
    Lorraine Panos Clearman '54
    Elizabeth Crockett '57
    Jeffrey and Joan Palmer '63 '63
    Richard S. Lysle '65
    Franklin Bigelow '67
    Jim Barry '68
    Leelee Clement Doughty '68 
    Dr. Jean-Paul Nadreau '68

    Dr. Bruce Nickerson '68

    Martha Barrett '69
    Spike Booth '69
    Gabrielle Daniels Bradley '69
    Suzanne Duval '69
    Sally Ellis '69
    Dr. Denise Enari '69
    Janice Lynn Feinstein '69
    Dr. Daniel M. Gibbs '69
    David Glass '69
    Lester Hall, Jr. '69
    Coburn Haskell '69
    Dr. Eric Haskell '69
    Eleni Valarie Lambros '69
    Alexandra Smith Maclay '69
    Antoinette Valpredo Rudnick '69
    Dinah Smith '69
    S. Stuart Soldate '69
    Pamela Sutton '69
    William Wallace '69
    Leonadi Ward, Jr. '69

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