Second grade gets all-access pass to Dodger Stadium

As part of their social studies theme of exploring community as a place where people work, live, play and solve problems, Poly second-graders had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Dodger Stadium. Students received a guided tour of the facilities, including the locker room, Vin Scully press box (on what was coincidentally Mr. Scully's 89th birthday), a suite, and the interview room, all while navigating the very hallways that the players use.

Along the way, they were captivated by the displays of impressive trophies, awards, and historical artifacts. The students even had a chance to hit a few balls in the indoor batting cage where the players warm up. At the end of the tour, they were able step inside the bullpen and dugout, and they were even given the opportunity to run around on the field.

Students later reflected when they were returned to class. Teacher Bordeaux Martin shares, "Overall, the stadium field trip tied into our social studies theme of a community as being a place where people work, live, play, and solve problems. Dodger Stadium is an important part of our LA community where people work and have fun. It is also a historic icon and a big part of the fabric of Los Angeles as a whole ... a place to which  our students could really connect."

"My students completed field trip reports that included comments such as, 'One thing that made me smile was,' 'I would love to know ...,' and 'I wish I could have stopped and spent more time ...'" explains fellow second grade teacher Sarah Grogan.

Students shared some fun and interesting observations:
  • "Why is the home base diamond so small?"
  • "I learned that there is a special Dodgers golf cart that drove out the new pitcher to the mound."
  • "The stadium seat colors represent something from California."
  • "I learned that the Dodgers got their name from NYC when they dodged trolley cars."
  • "One player won the same trophy six times!"
Students used their reports a a tool to help them create videos sharing their highlights of the trip. The students wrote sentences and selected photographs to be included, and then narrated their slides and chose transitions and themes for their digital books. In addition, they each created a PicCollage of their favorite photos as a keepsake from the field trip.
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