Biological Researchers of Poly Research Initiative Publish Work

Fifteen students from Dr. Selvakumar’s Poly Research Initiative, Biological Research course published research review articles in Genomics Insights, a journal of the National Human Genome Research Institute. As part of this process, over several months, teams of students chose an area of biology and society that interests them, they formulated a research question, explored it using data from primary research literature, and wrote about it, including professional feedback. The topics range from the use of AI to improve the diagnosis and quality of care of medical challenges like food allergies; to the role of societal inequities in the incidence of cancer; to the influence of environment versus genetics within the context of post-traumatic stress disorders, diabetes, tendon injuries and cancer; to the lack of diversity in clinical studies and its impact on healthcare for those under- or not represented. Check out the following video where students discuss their work and read on for the published articles.