Terrapalooza 2024 Celebrated Earth Day in the Upper School Library

Terrapalooza 2024 was a slam dunk! The Upper School Library buzzed with activity throughout the day. Students from kindergarten to 12th grade helped plant our new California native garden beds on the library patio, which will soon attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and provide our students opportunities to learn about our local ecosystem.

Students made bee hotels and bee cups, turned in batteries to our e-waste recycling booth, tasted nasturtium flowers and wood sorrel, and listened to student presentations and speeches on outdoor education, sustainable fashion, and deforestation. Tom Allard performed a stirring original piece entitled “Heat”, and so many upper school faculty and staff contributed workshops on art, sculpture, sewing, mindfulness, and more.

Many thanks to all of our contributors, and especially to Nora Murphy, Avi McClelland-Cohen and Laura Fleming, and the library staff who went to remarkable lengths to make this event a success. We can’t wait for Terrapalooza 2025!