Four Poly Seniors Present at Literature Conference

Four Poly seniors presented work on Friday, March 8, at the Archer School for Girls' annual "Literature & ..." Conference

For a panel on "Author[ity]: Works Examining Power and Control," Poly had two students participate:
  • Alexandra K. ’24 presented a paper titled "Chimera or Choice: Defying False Consciousness in Omelas and Oceania"
  • Luke H. ’24 presented a paper titled "Hell’s Bells: How Totalitarian Governments Manipulate Religion for Their Benefit"

For a panel on "Girlhood: Reflections on Gender, Feminism, and Family," Poly had two students participate:
  • Audrey T. ’24 presented a paper titled "Lessons in English & Egg Rolls"
  • Sharon C. ’24 presented a paper titled "No Running Allowed in Pool Area"

Please join us in congratulating these students!