College Counselor Mark Rasic Visits Franklin & Marshall College

This month, Upper School College Counselor Mark Rasic visited Franklin & Marshall (F&M) College as part of their admission advisory council. The school is a liberal arts college in the historic city of Lancaster, PA, founded in 1787, with 2,100 undergraduate students. It boasts a strong College House program, a stunning visual arts facility, and a busy and joyful community of students. 
“As a member of the F&M advisory board, I spend the most time with my admission colleagues on the other side of the desk,” said Mark. “ We talk about the challenges we face in our respective roles and how we can work together to better support students through the admission process. The experience strengthens my connections with admission colleagues and reinforces the values of our profession.”
Along with six other college counselors on the council, Mark toured campus, sat in on a class, attended a campus-wide speaker series on economic and government spending, met with current students, heard from admission and financial aid staff, attended a basketball game, and explored downtown Lancaster. On the final day, the counselors provided feedback to the admission team on everything they observed. The trip is an important means of creating relationships with colleges across the United States and bringing back learning to current students from the experience. 
“This trip helped me learn about F&M in a way that is impossible to do with just a campus tour. I spent lots of time with admission staff, students, faculty, and professional staff,” shared Mark. “I attended large gatherings where the community celebrated and learned. From all of this, I got a strong sense of the vibe and values of the place. This makes me much better at matching students with a small school like F&M.”