Saving Trips and Making Connections on the Poly Bus

Poly’s nearly 10-year-old bus program exemplifies the school’s commitment to sustainability and community building. It started with one bus that went to central Los Angeles and has grown significantly over the years, adding more stops and a second route to Arcadia including stops at The Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Fair Oaks, Altadena, and Sierra Madre. The original bus route now serves Larchmont Village, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz.
“For anyone who walks, bikes, or takes the bus to school; you’ll understand the sense of daily relief in not having to twiddle your thumbs while snaking through the Wilson drop-off lane,” said Siobhan Burke P ’32. “After five years of taking the bus, I’ve enjoyed many morning chats with parents and walks to ice cream, the park, or the library in the afternoon in Los Feliz. A great sense of community was born out of the gaggle of kids who ride to and from Poly with Antonio, our caring and most dedicated bus driver (same driver since kinder!).”
Poly saves close to 10,000 trips to and from campus with our bus program. Multiplied out against a single family’s trip, that can be up to 30 miles. The school prevents significant emissions by having families utilize the bus.
The bus is also a story of community building. A K-12 initiative, the bus brings together students from across divisions at the school, oftentimes forming meaningful connections with fellow riders. For Cameron Y.  and Lizzie F., both from the class of 2024, the two became good friends by riding the bus together day after day on the Arcadia route.
“My son has enjoyed being the little kid on the bus, along with the more grown-up kids, and becoming friends with middle schoolers and high schoolers,” said Siobhan. “I imagine someday he’ll be the more grown-up kid who’ll give a thumbs up to a future kindergartener, letting them know all is good.”
Each route has a morning option, arriving at 8:15 a.m., and two afternoon options, departing at 3:30 and 5:50 p.m. Regular passes are $130/4-week month, and daily passes for $12.50. Find more information about the Poly bus here.