Noah LP ‘26 Shines in Upper School Jazz Band

Noah LP’s ‘26 true skill set is as an orchestral bassist, yet he has become an important anchor of the Upper School’s jazz band. Noah joined last spring for the first time, and blended in seamlessly with the group, taking on learning walking bass lines and navigating chords with ease. 

“What has served Noah well is his solid technique and grounding in the fundamentals of music; he gets around his instrument really well, he hears and makes sense of musical structure almost immediately and he listens across the group and supports it accordingly,” said Middle and Upper School Performing Arts Instructor Megan Foley. “While he still has room to grow, he is at a point where older and more experienced musicians tend to be. He is a natural.” 

Noah is also a member of the Colburn Symphony, an alternate for the American Youth Symphony, and last summer was selected to the National Youth Orchestra (NYO2) that performed at Carnegie Hall. He is also an athlete, competing for Poly’s football and basketball teams. 

When asked what he will most remember from his NYO2 experience, Noah shared, “I had never been around such a large group that was serious about music the way I am. All of the other bassists I admired because of their skill; there were many things to learn.” 

Perhaps even more important, Noah added, “It was such a diverse group – I tried new things, met new people and I learned how to be with others.”