Annual Poly Athletic Department Awards

On Wednesday evening on the seventh of June, senior student-athletes and their families filled the seats of Garland Theatre for Senior Sports Awards Night. This is an annual event where coaches speak about senior student-athletes and their athletic careers during their four years in Poly’s Upper School. It is also an opportunity to recognize and honor outstanding student athletes. The first of the honors was the Scholar Athlete Award which recognizes a senior who has obtained and maintained success in the classroom while competing at the Varsity level. The Scholar Athletes of 2023 are Samara M. and Benji F. Congratulations! 

Another award given to senior student-athletes is the Craig Sweeney Memorial Athletic Award. This is given to a senior who participates in more than one season of sport during the majority of their career and who exemplifies leadership to others in sportsmanship, integrity, and enthusiasm on the field of play. This year, Poly Athletics recognized August S. as this year’s Craig Sweeney recipient. Well done!

Lastly, the Poly Athletics department and the varsity coaches nominate and vote on the Male and Female Athletes of the Year. These are student athletes who are selected for their outstanding athletic ability and participation in two or more varsity teams. Nathan T. and Tonanxochitl O. were named the Male and Female Athletes of the Year. 

Congratulations to the Poly Athletic Department honorees of the class of 2023!