Computer Science Club Racks Up Competition Wins

Poly’s Computer Science Club has been reenergized this year with a focus on contests that are cybersecurity and computer science-related. Earlier this year the club participated in Capture the Flag online contests and Advent of Code, which generated a lot of interest and excitement.

“For Capture the Flag contests it's usually Jeopardy style. There's an array of different problems of different difficulties and different content types. But people usually work on them independently under the Polytechnic team. So the scores are combined; that way, we compete as a school,” shared Jeffrey L. ’24, who co-leads the club with Alexandra K. ’24.

The team has been racking up Capture the Flag wins, most recently the contest put on by Paly Python called Century of CS CTF. Alexandra, Jeffrey, and Jeremy H. '25 also placed in the top 10% of the picoCTF global Middle/High School division hosted by Carnegie Mellon University.

“We also care a lot about recruiting,” shared Alexandra. “We know that there's significant computer science interest at Poly, so we are making sure that everyone who has some interest in pursuing computer science outside of the standard classes has the opportunity and the ability to do so.”

In the future, perhaps Poly will even host its own Capture the Flag competition. For more information on Computer Science Club, reach out to Alexandra and Jeffrey.