Sabrina Z. ’23 Wins The Earth Prize for AgriVision

Sabrina Z. ’23 began her journey with AgriVision amidst the pandemic and the devastating California wildfires. She witnessed the impact of these events on the soil and farmers in the region and vowed to address the challenges that climate change created. The result is AgriVision, a platform that uses hyperspectral imaging to analyze plant health and detect diseases in crops, and in the process help fight food waste. The technology provides a capability for agriculturists to monitor their crops’ health other than manually inspecting them.

After diving into the realm of agriculture technology during the pandemic, Sabrina shared some of her new interests with Upper School Science Teacher Robin Barnes. Robin encouraged Sabrina to apply for the Olah Fellowship for an opportunity to further her research on a project that would later become AgriVision as it is today. Through the funding of the fellowship, she gained the validation and support necessary to win one of her first entrepreneurial competitions, marking the moment she committed to AgriVision. Sabrina also names Upper School faculty Bala Selvakumar, Tyler Saxton, Richard White, and Jack Prater as mentors.

She was recently awarded The Earth Prize, an environmental sustainability competition open to teenage students worldwide. Participants receive personalized mentorship and the opportunity to interact with Ambassadors and showcase their solutions. Sabrina was awarded the 2023 Runner-Up Award including a $25,000 prize to Polytechnic School.

“Since the beginning, the Earth Prize has meant an opportunity to test my idea and push the boundaries for what I thought was possible. This award shows that AgriVision truly has the potential to impact the world for the better, and that means everything to me. I feel motivated to know that people from several different countries who have incredibly diverse backgrounds and experiences recognize the same need to target health issues in plants with high-tech monitoring systems like AgriVision,” said Sabrina.

Looking ahead, Sabrina plans to conduct research to further develop AgriVision. She has been selected as a Villars Fellow and is excited to attend the symposium in Geneva this summer, where she will engage in discussions with professionals and students about clean technology and emerging agricultural advancements. 

Sabrina's journey with AgriVision is one of resilience, passion, and the unwavering belief that one person can make a significant impact on the world. With the Earth Prize as a catalyst, she is determined to create a better future for agriculture, technology, and environmental sustainability.