Poly Research Initiative Supports 11 Students' Publications

Poly is thrilled to share that as part of the Poly Research Initiative and the inaugural PE Biological Research class, 11 students just published a research review article in Genomics Insights, the journal of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). As part of this process, over many months, student groups chose a topic of interest related to biology and society, researched it using primary literature, analyzed it using research data, and wrote about it, including feedback from professional researchers. You can read more about the Poly Research Initiative in the latest issue of the Report of Giving. Read on to explore the students' work.

1. Improving Accuracy of Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis with Biomarker-Based Machine Learning Models
    Kamryn C. ‘24, Alexandra K. ‘24, and Jeffrey L. ‘24
    Beckett H. ‘24 and Jesse B. ‘24
    Kate L. ‘24 and Melody H. ‘24
    Nathaniel K. S. ‘24 and Pierre V. ‘24
    Michael M. ‘24 and Patrick S. ‘24