GIP Panel Discussion: Uyghurs in Xinjiang

February 6, 2023; 6-7 p.m. Location TBA
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In the fall of 2022, the United Nations Humans Rights Office of the High Commissioner released an official report expressing deep concerns over “systematic human rights violations” directed against individuals in the Uyghur Autonomous Region (UAR) in Xinjiang; the report called on the world to not ignore this humanitarian crisis. This GIP panel discussion will examine the following questions: who and where are the Uyghurs? Why are Uyghurs, within and outside the UAR, being subjected to “unrest” and “re-education” efforts? Why is this matter called “the world’s first case of high-tech genocide”?  Why does this matter to those outside of Xinjiang? Join us for a riveting panel discussion addressing the Uyghurs’ efforts to survive.