GIP Event: Ru Freeman “The Magical Art of Listening”

Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 6 p.m. in the Upper School Library

There are so many ways of thinking about creativity, and some of our foremost thinkers have given us brilliant observations about it. Ursula K Le Guin, for instance, said, "The creative adult is the child who survive;," and Albert Einstein is supposed to have opined that, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." Somewhere between these two ideas of struggle and illumination lies the simple truth that in order to create anything, we have to be paying attention to ourselves and others. Award winning Sri Lankan and American writer and activist Ru Freeman, and Director of the Artist Network of Narrative 4, a  global no-profit that focuses on story as a catalyst for social change, will draw from her life as a poet and writer to speak to the community about the salience of observation, and finding stories in ordinary places. After her presentation, she will be able to sign copies of her books, On Sal Mal Lane and Sleeping Alone. They will also be available for purchase.
About Ru Freeman
Sri Lankan and American writer and activist Ru Freeman explores issues of human rights and justice in the form of essays, poetry, fiction, and journalism, bending each genre to serve the specific arc of narrative and social change. As an internationalist in theory and practice, she is deeply interested in interrogating borders at the macro level, between the self and other, between places and histories, and at the micro level of the very language we use, and how our definitions permit, validate, or deny our participation in civic life. Drawing on her experience as a dual citizen, and an accidental immigrant, she will speak about the art of risk, and how our lives are shaped most by the way we engage with the people, communities, and larger world, and how we articulate that engagement to others.