Sabrina Zhang Wins Distinguished Young Women Award

Poly is proud to announce that Sabrina Zhang was awarded a Distinguished Young Women award, the largest and oldest program in the nation for young women providing scholarships for college. As the North Los Angeles County representative, Sabrina submitted essays, interviewed, participated in tests, and even submitted an original dance routine recording on her journey to win the award. Sabrina is a decorated member of both Poly’s Dance Team and leader of Girls Who Code, and will continue on in the competition to compete at the state level and hopefully national level. Though Sabrina shared she was nervous about competing with other awardees, she shared that former winners and the current South Los Angeles County representative have been supportive and encouraged her in the competition. “I think part of what's really great about this program is the life skills that you learn,” said Sabrina. “The idea of being able to express myself throughout the competition is super exciting and these are all things my peers are helping me prepare for.”