Latin Students Attend Tony-Winning Musical Hadestown

On May 4th, 11 Latin students attended the Tony-winning musical Hadestown at the Ahmanson Theater.  And there was a special Poly connection: the company TBD Productions, owned by Hunter Arnold '95, brought the original show to Broadway. Upper School Latin teacher Katie Schuhl commented, “The Poly tie made the night that much more meaningful for me. Knowing that an alum taught by my colleagues [Tina Cocumelli and Cynthia Crass] was breathing new life into a myth, not just for my students but for many people who might not have otherwise encountered it, was really special.“ Senior Alicia Z. reflected on the experience: “As someone who intends to study Latin/Classics in college, getting to see a modern adaptation of Orpheus and Eurydice's story was a thrilling experience. For me, Hadestown demonstrated how Classics is not "dead," that millennia-old stories can be retold in different contexts and therefore carry different—but still important—messages and meanings. And watching the hit musical with friends was a lot of fun!“