Spotlight on Senior Ambassador Council Co-Coordinator: Nina T. ’22

What’s one of your favorite spots on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is the student commons in the Haaga House. There are always hot chocolate packets and sometimes leftover snacks for everyone to enjoy. Back in the pre-Covid era Ms. Williams, Poly’s Dean of Student Activities, used to put out bananas and cereal every morning; hopefully, that can return soon when it's safe to do so!
Who is your favorite teacher at Poly?
Mr. Prater is one of Poly’s most inspiring teachers and my favorite teacher on campus because he is someone I know I can always turn to for any kind of support. Whether asking for volleyball tips or math help, Mr. Prater is always ready to share his insights with a smile and a handshake. As the head of the math department and a volleyball coach, Mr. Prater inspires me to achieve excellence on and off the court, but also encourages me to be a good and supportive friend. Even though I haven't had the pleasure of being one of Mr. Prater's students, I've been able to form a meaningful connection with him.
A favorite extracurricular activity?
Along with being on the Ambassador Council, I've enjoyed my time on the Junior Class Cabinet and this year on the Senior Class Cabinet as president. The cabinet gets to plan fun activities, organize class merchandise, and help bring positivity to our class, so my favorite thing about being on the cabinet is seeing my peers benefit from the work we've done. Whether it's ordering pizza for the grade or decorating the patio for the holidays, I love fostering positive high school memories.
Tell us about a Poly tradition you love!
Each year, Poly’s middle and high schoolers have the opportunity to participate in outdoor education trips to get outside of the classroom, enjoy nature, and bond with peers. During my time at Poly, I’ve been so lucky to travel to the Escalante Grand Staircase in Utah and to the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona where I hiked alongside my friends and learned to better appreciate my time in the great outdoors. Although I sadly missed out on going on an outdoor education trip my junior year due to the pandemic, I'm extremely excited to head out on our senior class trip in May.
Talk about a class you have really enjoyed!
Contemporary Ethical Issues taught by Mr. Feldmeth has stood out to me as an academic class for many reasons. The relaxed conversational environment of the class encourages open dialogues on complex issues like cultural relativism, abortion, and the death penalty. Through the class, I've learned how to look at topics from different perspectives and consider the ethical reasoning behind every decision. I highly recommend enrolling in this elective!