Cy J. ’24 Hosts Black History Month Webinar

During Black History Month, Cy J. ’24 has been hosting a webinar about African civilizations and their contributions to global trade, technology, and culture. Cy shared that too often narratives during Black History Month center on slavery, but not about Black joy.

“During Black History Month, I try to dig deep and look at all the accomplishments and also the trauma, but mostly the accomplishments that have come out of all that trauma,” said Cy. 

The webinar entitled “Black History Basics: Life in Africa and the Beginnings of Slavery” was hosted by Nareissa Smith, Esq., a law professor-turned-journalist who teaches and writes about racial and gender justice issues. Hosted on the Upper School campus, students from all divisions were invited to join the in-person event or join the webinar from their device. 

Cy added, “I'm doing the things that I love and I think me learning about Black history helps me really understand how much of an impact we as Black people have on America and other societies as well.”

Cy’s webinar screenings were opportunities for students to convene and learn more about Black history and also find community on the Upper School campus. We look forward to more events hosted by this Poly leader.