PolyToday: A meeting of the minds

Third-grader Gabriel H. '31 has long been a fan of history. Ask any of his Lower School teachers—they will attest to his interest and depth of knowledge. One day, Gabriel noticed a picture of Winston Churchill displayed in the eighth grade history classroom as he filed by with the rest of Mr. Martin's third grade class. Gabriel knows a thing or two about Winston Churchill, and the picture piqued his interest. Gabriel's teacher, Bordeaux Martin, reached out to the eighth grade history teacher, Dr. Farrar, and set up a meeting. 
Dr. Farrar greeted Gabriel warmly, and they sat down to chat about history. The two discovered a shared connection when Dr. Farrar mentioned a similar passion for history as a ten-year-old. Sensing Gabriel's thirst for knowledge, Dr. Farrar shared a few questions from the latest Middle School history quiz with Gabriel. Impressively, Gabriel got them all right. 
Dr. Farrar gave Gabriel his copy of The Constitution as inspiration and said Gabriel would be welcome as a guest in his classroom anytime. "I will treat you like an eighth-grader." Dr. Farrar promised—while acknowledging that he was aware that Gabriel is still a young person. Gabriel took it all in, nodding. He asked for homework, and the two of them discussed colleges.