Upper School Music Makers Lab Students Remix David Bowie's "Starman"

Recently, composer Ethan Hein visited Megan Foley's music tech class at Poly to share with them a specially prepped version of David Bowie's classic "Starman" vocals.

Ethan and Megan came up with the idea for the students to remix David Bowie's "Starman" as a project for block day. They were given no specific instruction as to how to do it, just what keys might work and that they listen to the original version. From there, they created their own versions according to the direction each wanted to go in. Each student presented their work to Ethan and he offered some valuable feedback. That the students got a write-up in his blog (and on Twitter) is a testament to how impressed he was with their work. Each student submitted something completely different, which was great fun to listen to! 
Chad Zullinger, vice president for the California Music Educators association, educational technology specialist and adjunct professor at CSU East Bay, saw the shout out on Twitter and contacted Megan to see if he could add the students' work to the CMEA magazine.

Read the story on page 32-33 of CMEA magazine here.