Athletics Enforces Testing Protocols For Student-Athletes and Coaches

After some delay due to the newest COVID strain, students are back on campus. With that, comes the restart of the winter sports season. Poly’s winter sports took significant time off to be with loved ones over the break. Now that the campus is active once more, Poly Athletics has enforced more stringent surveillance testing protocols. 

All student-athletes, regardless of sport, must test twice a week. Testing will be provided on campus on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:30 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-5 p.m. Every student-athlete and coach is required to test. Given the nature of sports and competition, this surveillance testing is imperative to the health and safety of not only Poly’s student-athletes but also those from other schools. All the schools in the Prep League are working together to keep the health of their student-athletes at the forefront. 

With teams participating in surveillance testing, there will be instances where games need to be postponed. The Prep League understands the impact of canceling and rescheduling competitions has on its teams. Packing the schedule into the remainder of the season can be detrimental physically, mentally, and emotionally, and the Poly Athletics department is working to make sure the impact is not too great. 

In addition, further efforts are being made to keep student-athletes safe. Masks are now required at all times for all sport—indoors and outdoors—for all student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. The only exception would be those in the water during girls water polo games. Poly is also limiting the number of spectators to adults of the same household as the players.

All student-athletes must make sure to test during the provided testing days on campus. Families of the student-athletes, please make sure your notifications are turned on in MyPoly so you will be notified of any games that have been canceled or postponed. 

We are appreciative of the cooperation and flexibility of Poly’s student-athletes and their families as we continue to navigate through these ever-changing times.