Friday Night Lights Returns March 11

It has been nearly three years since the last Friday Night Lights, the only all-school fundraiser at Poly, that supports athletics at all grade levels. The event, hosted by the Panther Club, brings together parents, faculty, and staff for fun games and an auction that makes athletic education accessible to all students.

“We haven’t been able to host Friday Night Lights for the last couple of years due to the pandemic,” said Meghan Stimmler, chair of the Panther Club. “However we are still here supporting athletics events and equipment needs. We want to continue to support the Athletics department and invite families to support this event in any way they can.”

Friday Night Lights will be held March 11, 2022, in Gamble Gym featuring a barbeque dinner and outdoor games like cornhole. This year’s event will focus on the Silent Auction for fundraising, as well as being an outlet for parents of all grade levels to meet and build community. In the fall, Friday Night Lights will also reconvene for playful sporting events like a golf tournament, pickleball, and three-on-three basketball for families, faculty, and staff.

"The event is great for community building and will be great to have us all come together again,” said Rosalina Cardenas, Friday Night Lights chair. “We are looking for more involvement from Lower and Middle School parents."

Friday Night Lights fundraising directly supports P.E. equipment, Panther spirit wear for all students and employees, and year-end banquets for athletes. The group also hopes to continue welcoming faculty and staff to events. The recent football game at the Coliseum reflects this spirit of inclusion as faculty and staff were given free tickets to the event.

“This is the only all-school parent party, and especially now, as we have not been together for so long, it is a wonderful way for parents to meet one another,” said Beth Femino, auction chair.

The Panther Club invites parents to RSVP here (coming soon). Click here for volunteer opportunities or to donate to the silent auction. We look forward to seeing everyone for this special event!