Holiday Greetings

Getting a proper holiday card photo has never been easy. I have vivid memories of my father attempting to get his three kids to sit still long enough for the timer on the camera to capture a moment of familial bliss. Of course, that assumed he could get the camera to work and we were willing to cooperate on the whole endeavor—never an easy task. Unlike my cousins, who usually sported matching outfits, we went with our ‘Sunday best’ and called it a day. My parents weren’t big writers, so our picture and a card were all they provided to tell our story year over year. The newsy letters from family and friends capturing the year—primarily highs, although sometimes lows—brought us up to date long before Facebook and Instagram joined the scene. Slowly filling a basket on our counter, the cards brought together photos and stories from an eclectic array of people from my parents’ past and our present.

Whether it was a picture, letter, or card, these holiday greetings knowingly or unknowingly captured what the family felt was most important to share. I confess that I lean to the irreverent messages that reflect the sense of humor with which they live their lives. The most memorable, from Rachel’s Uncle Boots, led with “We don’t do holiday letters,” and proceeded with a letter spiced with quips about getting old. Still, reading all of the updates and looking at the photos each year provides a comforting reminder that even as the world changes, children grow, and new pets arrive, the character and eccentricities of our family and friends remain constant.

Last week’s Upper School winter concert closed with a performance of the Bill Withers song, Lovely Day, sung by one of our seniors and backed up by our jazz ensemble. It was beautifully done, and in that space, at that time, the words offered reassurance as 2021 comes to a close, and we approach another pandemic anniversary in March. Just one look at you, and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day. 

Have a great holiday break, and I look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Be well,