PolyToday: Computers Through the Years at Poly

Technology has certainly changed over the years! David Kressen, a Poly teacher from 1958-1990 at the forefront of the technological evolution, believed programming knowledge was integral to understanding a computer. In an Oak Tree Times article, he said “that knowledge of programming was an essential part of learning to use a computer. I think the problem-solving skills a student acquires through learning to write a program are invaluable.” A 1989 faulty member said that “rather than being the students’ main source of information as we’ve been in the past, we’ll need to be information managers or brokers, teaching students where to go for information and how to make sense of what they find.” Poly continues to foster students’ intellectual curiosity by promoting technological skills across all grade levels. Each Lower School student has access to an iPad, each Middle School student has access to a MacBook Air, and Upper School students bring their own devices to support their education.

Courtesy of The Poly Archives