Poly Coach is Headed to Tokyo

As the Olympics are quickly approaching, one of Poly’s very own is gearing up to go to Tokyo as well. Poly’s Badminton coach, Alistair Casey, is set to leave for Tokyo with the USA Badminton team later this week. 

Coach Casey, a five-year Poly Badminton coach, is also USA Badminton’s Chief of Staff. His role is to oversee all operations of USA Badminton. He will oversee all operations on the ground for USA Badminton in Tokyo and act as the direct liaison with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) in Tokyo. Coach Casey is also the COVID Liaison Officer (CLO) while the team is in Tokyo. He said that he and the team “have been extremely busy trying to return to play due to the global pandemic.” He will be accompanying three athletes competing in the women’s singles and the men’s doubles events as well as one conditionally qualified athlete competing in the men’s singles.

We wish Coach Casey good luck and safe travels as he heads to Tokyo with the USA Badminton team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!