Kate Drums Serves as United Nations Association Campus Fellow

Kate Drum ’22, Poly’s ASB and United Nations Association (UNA) Poly campus chapter president, was selected to be a UNA Campus Fellow. With just five UNA fellows in the country and only one at the high school level, Kate acts on global issues and develops her skills as a UNA leader. She has also partnered with the UNA-Pasadena chapter leadership and joined the board. As GIP co-coordinator Ann Diederich shared, “Kate is an extraordinary global citizen.” Read on to learn more about her plans with UNA and how she hopes to shape the world in the future.

Can you describe the UNA Campus Fellow role?
The Campus Fellows are peer leaders of the United Nations Association. There are four fellows in total. The other fellows, who are college students, represent geographical regions within the United States, while I represent the high school chapters nationally. Our primary role is to serve as a bridge between the National UNA Board and the campus chapter community. We communicate and network with chapters, host events, and provide resources for chapters to plan their own activities. 

Can you share how you got involved with UNA? 
I have always had an interest in international issues and global politics and have been a part of Poly’s Model United Nations team since the ninth grade. In the summer of 2019, Ms. Diederich introduced the possibility of a United Nations Association chapter to the Poly community. I immediately joined the school chapter and have been the president of our leadership board since the start of my junior year. I am now also a member of the UNA-Pasadena local chapter board. 

What motivated you to become a board member and eventually a Campus Fellow?
The UNA provides students with the opportunity to take hands-on action in their communities to support the United Nations and its goals. Whether you are calling or meeting directly with your Congressional representatives or listening to a panel discussion, the UNA allows each and every person to make change. Since becoming a part of the organization, it has been wonderful to take part in their events and meet truly inspiring leaders. While working on a joint project with the UNA Pasadena, I was lucky to meet and learn from the members of the chapter and was honored to be asked to be a member of their board. I am equally excited to serve as a Campus Fellow this year, all with the goal of furthering the work of the UNA.

What do you hope to accomplish as a UNA Campus Fellow? Primary goal?
My primary goal this year is for every campus chapter student to feel supported by me, the National Board, and the UNA as a whole. On the high school level specifically, I want chapters to understand the myriad of resources and opportunities within their reach. As a part of a newer chapter (UNA-Poly), I also understand the needs of a chapter that is just starting out, and I hope to provide the tools needed to help develop these communities.

How does this relate to your future plans?
The UNA focuses on critical and pressing issues, particularly in relation to the international community. I hope to continue to be an active member of this incredible organization in the future and to remain focused on global policy issues.