Welcome the New Hixon Interns!

For the past 21 years, Poly has received an infusion of energy and enthusiasm in the form of the Hixon Interns—aspiring teachers who support faculty on campus. This learning opportunity is provided through an endowment fund established by philanthropists Adelaide and Alexander Hixon ’30, whose legacies live on through this program. Interns from Pasadena City College (PCC) gain unique experiences before enrolling in a bachelor's degree program. Hundreds of students have continued their pathway into teaching after leaving the Hixon program, and some were employed as full-time teachers at Poly. The interns were asked for their first impressions of Poly after their first experiences on campus. Please join us in welcoming the new Hixon interns!

“There were two things that I noticed right away on my first day. First was how beautiful the campus is. The mountains in view from the soccer fields, the old buildings blended in with the new, and the natural flow from Lower to Middle to Upper School. The second thing I noticed was the high level of education these children are being exposed to. I shared with my fiancé Marcella (a fellow Hixon intern) after my first day that these kids are being taught things in 6th grade that I wasn’t exposed to until I was a junior in college. They truly are receiving a world-class education.”-Tom Culver

“My first impression of Poly is that it’s a warm, welcoming, and relaxed environment. Today was my first day, and it was obvious that students and faculty/staff alike were thrilled to be back on campus. I’m looking forward to spending more time learning and helping out at Poly.” -Victoria Mandanas

“When I first arrived I was nervous and excited to work at Poly. I was fortunate to first meet the teachers from fifth grade and some lower grades. Unquestionably, I felt part of a community. Throughout the week seeing the teachers strive for excellence for all their students across the board showed me the quality of the Polytechnic's program. I am very impressed how Poly's mission is being implemented through the teachers and is reflected through the students.” -Maria Del Rosario Hernandez Hernandez

“My first impression of Polytechnic is WOW! The campus is beautiful and it's clear that the students at Polytechnic are receiving an amazing education. The students and staff have been so warm and welcoming, I can tell everyone is happy to be part of the Poly team.” -Marcella Jacobs

“My first impression of Polytechnic School was a sense of connectedness. I observed that students interacted with each other and their teacher in a healthy and respectful manner, which was amazing! From the first day, I already felt that I belonged to the class because of the students' openness. Our conversation went smoothly and naturally; it was as if we had met before! I realized that Poly is a school that makes everyone feel safe and supported. It was a strange and wonderful feeling to be excited and comforted at the same time. It seemed to me that both the teachers and students put effort to create a joyful atmosphere at Polytechnic School.” -Tina Kim