Poly Fund Volunteer Spotlight: Pra Chandrasoma '05

In a typical year, the Advancement team would love to connect in person with our amazing volunteers. We hope this feature helps us get to know each other better while distancing is necessary. Check back for our new volunteer feature next month!
Pra Chandrasoma '05 is a Poly alumnus and reunion lead for the Alumni Philanthropy Committee.
What is one of your favorite Poly memories? There are too many to choose from! Push comes to shove, I have to pick the game I got to stand in as the Panther during the Poly football team's run to the CIF finals. I was always a very enthusiastic (some might say fanatical) supporter of our sports teams, so being the mascot was tailor-made for me. That suit does get pretty hot, though.
What has helped you manage with the Stay-at-Home orders? Honestly, correspondence with all my closest friends. The Stay-at-Home orders are really tough, but one silver lining is that they've made me better about keeping in touch with loved ones. With human contact at such a premium, sharing a cup of coffee over Zoom, or even just swapping emails with a close friend has helped me preserve some semblance of normalcy. I'm especially grateful for my close-knit Poly crew at times like this!