Dr. Anthony Arend on U.S. Foreign Policy in the Biden Administration GIP Event

On January 20, there will be a new “most powerful person in the world.” What does this transition mean for the United States and for the world? Professor Anthony Arend of Georgetown University, who spoke at Poly in 2018, will share his internationally recognized prowess as an expert in foreign policy and international law. What will be the global priorities and principles for the Biden Administration? Will America be a solo global role player, seek to collaborate with nations through coalitions, defer roles, or withdraw from the global stage? Dr. Arend, who highlighted “The New International System” on his first visit to Poly, will share insights on the future for the U.S. with other nations and the “ripple effect” for global organizations including the U.N., N.A.T.O., W.H.O., and Paris Accords.

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