Poly Student Ambassador Blog: Grandparents Day with Talulla S.

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In this Student Ambassador Blog, Talulla S. ’21 celebrates the influence her grandparents have had on her life. Grandparents Day at Poly will be different from years past because of our distance learning environment. On Tuesday, November 24 we will invite Grandparents and special friends to our virtual classroom and to a special all-school assembly via YouTube Premiere. 

Find more details about Grandparents Day here

By Talulla S. ’21

My grandparents and my Poly experience are quite synonymous. From the moment my grandmother took me to my first day of kindergarten picture in September 2008, she and my grandfather shifted from being former Poly parents to Poly grandparents, and our journey together began. Living with my grandparents during Lower School, my days were marked by the skills I learned from observing and being around them. I don’t have any siblings and am one of only two grandchildren, so our time together was even more formative as my grandparents were my companions.  

My grandmother Barbara, whom I call Bebe, was always ready with an after-school snack or a delicious meal. She has taught me that knowledge is power, and fostered a curiosity in me for reading and history that has never expired. My grandfather John, whom I call Grand, helped me learn my multiplication tables after dinner. A talented athlete himself, he sparked my athletic interests by playing hours of catch with me in the backyard after school. As I continued to grow up, I never stopped learning from them.

Even after moving out of their house, my grandparents have continuously been my greatest supporters. While so much has changed in my life during my time at Poly, the traditions I have with my grandparents have remained consistent: an extremely comforting constant which I value dearly. 

It is safe to say that they have been present for every Poly Grandparents Day and are always eager to participate in my classroom environment, sharing their wisdom and experiences. At every performance or ceremony, I have always been able to locate my grandparents in the crowd with nothing but genuine joy on their faces watching me. If you look into the stands at any Poly sporting event, you will likely see my grandparents cheering on the team. From cold Poly soccer CIF games hours away to track meets lasting for hours on end, they have made incredibly selfless sacrifices to witness my endeavors.  On numerous occasions last year I would walk up to a Poly football game with my friends and unexpectedly find my grandpa, quietly sitting on the wall of the Panther Patio with his orange Poly hat—a die-hard fan. 

While I wish more than anything I could give them both a big hug or watch a Dodger game in their TV room perched on my grandmother’s lap, that is not the reality for many grandparents under these circumstances. So for now, I must express my love through gratitude and kind words. 

My grandparents have inevitably shaped my character, catalyzed my success, and for that, I say I love you, love you.