K-12 Parent Ed Session: Thriving Through COVID With Dr. Pam King

“Thriving” is one of those words that sounds great, but its meaning can be vague. On Nov. 17 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. via Zoom, Dr. Pam King will unpack the idea of thriving as growing to become your best self with and for others. These days, it’s easy to dwell on and be overwhelmed by obstacles, limitations, and anxiety. Thriving involves embracing these realities, but also shifts our focus so that we can be resourceful and adaptive in how we maintain and even grow in emotional well being, connection with others, pursuing life goals, and finding purpose. 
Dr. King will work with K-12 parents to help families focus on:
A) Keeping Grounded—in your body (physical body and emotions) and your deepest held values and convictions.
B) Keeping Connected—being connected in meaningful ways to meaningful people, not just a general sense of belonging to a group, but also being known and loved and experiencing that you matter.
C) Keeping Directed—towards your passions, short and long term goals, or purpose.
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Pamela Ebstyne King is Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science at the Thrive Center for Human Development in the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. As a positive developmental psychologist, her scholarship focuses on promoting a vision of human thriving that emphasizes what can go right with kids, not just what can go wrong. Her research is at the intersection of human thriving, moral and spiritual development, and joy as a means to understand environments and youth strengths that promote thriving for diverse adolescents. Pam’s research is widely published within developmental psychology to promote human dignity and purpose over competition and performance. At the end of the day, Pam is a mom, wife, friend, and geek who truly wants all persons to thrive.