Continuing Parent Education Sessions

The Upper School will be facilitating two Parent Education Sessions, both moderated by Dr. Camille Rich.

Parent Education Session: Talking with Children about Police Brutality and Racial Activism
This session is open to Upper School Black and Latinx parents and parents of Black and Latinx children
Tuesday, September 29, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
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This facilitated discussion allows Upper School parents to explore the challenges they have faced in talking with their children about police brutality, as well as the related social activism and unrest reported in today’s news. The discussion will explore and identify age-appropriate ways to talk about current events with children and introduce activities to engage them in processing their concerns. 

Parent Education Session: Anti-Asian Bias
Date to Be Announced
This session invites Upper School parents to discuss how they can help their children process the rising tide of anti-Asian bias in America triggered by COVID-19. Parents will benefit from support to help their children process negative interactions in public, stories heard on the news, or inappropriate comments from peers. The discussion will explore when it is appropriate to raise these topics and how to prepare a child who might have not previously faced these issues.