Poly Announces Anti-Racist Parent Education Series

In recognition of our diverse learning community, Poly would like to introduce parent education sessions specifically focused to meet the pressing needs of parent groups across grade levels. Our new programming is based on the understanding that to strengthen the Poly community, we must acknowledge our distinct histories and experiences as a multiracial community. 
Reflecting upon what we have recently learned by listening and examining concerns surfaced on Dear_Poly and other social media posts, one of our primary goals is to ensure that our children and families of color equally feel that their experiences are central to the Poly experience. In response to immediate questions and needs of our parent community, we are excited to share the previous parent education sessions for Lower School and Middle School parents of color and the upcoming sessions as well.
August Parent Education Sessions

Asian and Asian American Parents: How to Deal With Anti-Asian Bias
Date and time: Thursday, August 6, 7-8 p.m.
Audience: Lower School and Middle School Asian American/Asian parents, and parents of Asian American children.
*Date of September session for Upper School parents to be announced

This session invited parents to discuss how they can help their children process the rising tide of anti-Asian bias in America triggered by COVID-19. Parents can benefit from support to help their children process negative interactions in public, stories heard on the news, or inappropriate comments from peers. The discussion explored when it is appropriate to raise these topics and how to prepare a child who might have not previously faced these issues.

Facilitated by Dr. Camille Gear Rich

Black and Latinx Parents: Talking to Children About Police Brutality and Managing Children’s Anxiety in a Time of Racial Activism 
Date and Time: Thursday, August 13, 7-8 p.m.
Audience: Lower School and Middle School Black and Latinx parents, and parents of Black  and Latinx children. 
*Date of September session for Upper School parents to be announced
This facilitated discussion allowed parents to explore the challenges they have faced in talking with their children about police brutality, as well as the related social activism and unrest reported in today’s news. The discussion explored and identified age-appropriate ways to talk about current events with children and introduce activities to engage them in processing their concerns.
Facilitated by Dr. Camille Gear Rich

This fall, as we further develop our programming with more expansive, age-appropriate topics, we will announce sessions for Upper School parents and sessions open to all Poly parents. We intend to create safe spaces for parents of color and white families for building structures of learning and discussions. Theses are examples of some upcoming topics: 

Future Fall Sessions:

  • She’s Not Ready Yet: When and How To Begin Discussions with Your Child About Race—for Lower School parents
  • How to Deal with Anti-Asian Bias—for Upper School Asian and Asian American Parents 
  • Talking with Children about Police Brutality and Managing Children's Anxiety in a Time of Racial Activism—for Upper School Black and Latinx parents
  • Talking with Children about Police Brutality and Managing Children's Anxiety in a Time of Racial Activism—General session for allies

Upcoming Sessions that are in the works:

  • How Colorblindness Messages Harm Children
  • Moving Beyond Diversity Discussions
Throughout the school year, our parent education series will aim to support all parents and address the formidable challenges we face in the current political era. 
As Poly moves forward, we do so with a new vision. We understand that diversity and difference only enriches our community. We believe that every parent and guardian share an obligation to create a space of true belonging for all members of the Poly community. We are committed to providing our parents with child-rearing tools, discussions spaces, and exploration experiences that will build confidence in this process.