Tilting against Titans

The JV Panthers outlasted the Titans of San Marion in a hotly contested battle at San Marino. Despite a strong service match the Panthers struggled to find a rhythm passing during the entire set. They were steadied by the cool setting hands of senior Aasha Turner and junior Madelena Ruedaflores, whom despite the wayward passing kept the Panther offense clicking. The second set saw some real drama. Down by one at 24-23, the Titans were pressing to tie the game with a high set to the outside. Junior middle blocker Eleanor “No, No More!!” Veitch pushed to the pin to register her first block of the season. The following rally saw Eleanor repel three consecutive Titan attacks before delivering her own thundering attack on a Titan overpass to end the match! Poly Boys Varsity Volleyball Alumnus Jonathan “Bring da” Thein, reflected after the match. “Pinky and Ruedaflores set a really nice game out there, but true success will come when they can establish the outside more. Baby Thein only got a couple of sets, but when she did she still managed to bring da THEIN!”
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