PolyToday: Are we there yet?

One morning during winter break, 10 seniors in the City of Angels English class - a double-period elective centered around everything LA - met in the Garland parking lot at 6:30 a.m. Their objective - to walk to the beach.
And they made it - 11 hours and 27 miles later. They were joined on their granular look at Los Angeles by Mr. Stogdill and Ms. Gladden, the teachers of the course, eight alumni and two parents. The group walked through Pasadena, across the Arroyo, into Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Glassel Park, and Atwater, then across the river and into Silver Lake. They picked up Beverly and followed it to the Los Angeles Farmers Market, where they stopped for lunch. From there they jumped on to Wilshire and followed it to Santa Monica. Who says no one walks in LA?
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