Math Facts Boot Camp

Instructor: Marie Munoz
Grade(s): 3-4
Period: A
Duration/ Session: 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Cost: $310
Math Fact Boot Camp is a course designed to practice facts and also an opportunity to discuss strategies that will help students think flexibly and make good choices about which strategies are most appropriate for solving problems accurately and efficiently. Students will also have multiple opportunities to practice multiplication and division facts in fun and engaging ways. In addition to engaging in a variety of activities, games, drills, oral and written practice to develop fluency, students will complete a daily drill using a math fact fluency program. This program is designed to provide individualized practice, provide immediate feedback about progress and set new goals for students as they master facts. Consistent and ongoing practice with immediate feedback is critical to the mastery of this fundamental skill, which is the building block for solving more complex math problems. This course is suitable for students entering third and fourth grade.