Math Busters to the Rescue K-3

Teacher: Tonita Fernandez
Grade(s): K- 3
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 8am - 8:55am OR 9am - 9:55am ( 2 Sections to choose from)
Cost: $275 ( Includes $25 materials fee )
Math Busters to the rescue!! Amuse yourself through the number one roller coaster ride of math!! If your journey in math has been too fast, slow, up and down, or new this is the ride for you. Calling all adventurous and inventive mathematicians. A Strong math foundation is the key to grasping higher-level math concepts. This course is designed to help develop mathematical strengths as it introduces numbers and enforces instant recall of math facts. Through the journey of this course, students will gain an understanding of the addition and subtraction families, increase their knowledge and understanding of multiplication as repeated addition and identify division facts and its relationship to multiplication. We will also increase speed and accuracy of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Join us in a math fact lab created by our own math team. Yes, that is each of you! We will design the space to help bring math facts to life in an exciting and creative way. Come hone in on your myth busting skills through a variety of action-packed activities using flashcards, board games, game shows, water balloons and much more! With math facts galore you will enter the next grade prepared with a better understanding of facts. Join us for weeks of wonder, as you become a certified math fact buster! Learn the secret behind understanding math facts and become a whiz at using number bonds. You will create your own math fact book full of interesting ways of learning. Educational benefits and objectives: This course is structured to meet each child from where they are in their journey of learning math facts and move them forward. If they find learning math facts challenging or if they excel and just need practice, this course is sure to provide a hands-on approach to learning and understanding facts. It is a course designed to fire children up and keep them excited about math facts as they gain self-confidence, speed, and become more accurate as they enrich their math experience. Students will come out of this course with a better mathematical foundation as they work together in small and large groups. This class will be taught via Zoom in the comfort of your home with large and small group instruction. (sample class structure below). After step by step instruction the students will work on a variety of projects and/or activities that incorporate a blend of in-class and out of class assignments. Small group/breakout rooms will be created to facilitate community connection, opportunity for participation, sense of adventure and fun. Students are expected to log into Zoom sessions daily. A geometric package of supplies will arrive at your home to provide the tools necessary for the student to complete the Math Facts Buster course. Sample Class Structure 10 minute Math Fact Buster orientation 15-20 minute Math Fact Buster Training (large and small group dependent upon daily lesson plan) 15-20 minutes Math Fact Buster Practice session (Hands-on activities) 10 minutes Math Fact Buster Challenge (Game Show format)