Build-a-Bear Reading K-3

Teacher: Tonita Fernandez
Grade(s): K- 3
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 1pm - 1:55pm
Cost: $290 ( Includes $40 materials fee )
Calling all bears! Join an enriching and fun-filled class that brings our favorite books to life while working on reading and comprehension skills as you transition into the next grade. Embark on a journey with Tajar, a mystical magical friend of Ms. Fernandez and your own bear that you get to stuff, adopt and love forever. With special twin t-shirts that you will design for you and your bear, the magic of reading and writing will soon come to life. This will be a journey that will forever be remembered. Each student will become an author and illustrator as they decorate their journal and write creative stories to go along with what they read. Join us for an enriching, entertaining and fun-filled session! Educational benefits and objectives: Students taking this course will learn to appreciate the love of reading in this relaxing, nurturing Zoom filled environment. We will take each child from where they are in reading and get them excited about the love of words and print. If they are just learning to read or if they have been reading since the age of two, this course is sure to help them on their journey with books. It is a course designed to fire children up for reading as they gain self-confidence while learning the necessary skills to enrich their reading experience. Students will come out of this course with a stronger vocabulary, knowing more sight words, and a better understanding of story lines. The students will write about the beginning, middle and end of a story with a plot and characters. How do you plan to run the class? This class will be taught via Zoom in the comfort of your home, on the front porch or in your back yard with large and small group instruction. (sample class structure below). After step by step instruction the students will work on a variety of reading assignments and activities that incorporate a blend of in-class and out of class learning. Small group/breakout rooms will be created to facilitate community connection, opportunity for participation, sense of adventure and fun. Students are expected to log into Zoom sessions daily. A basket full of supplies will arrive at your home to support the student in their magical journey through Tajar Town. Sample Class Structure 10 minute read-a-loud 15-20 minutes (large and small group instruction dependent upon daily lesson plan) 15-20 minutes project or activity 10 minute closing reading / writing circle