Introduction to Space Exploration 3-4

Teacher: Jack Prater & David Herman
Grade(s): 3-4
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 only
Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: 1 pm - 1:55 pm
Cost: $150
In this class students will learn about the history and science behind human space exploration, and the objects they explore. Students learn about the difficulties of manned space flight, the science behind the formation of our solar system and galaxies, as well as the telescopes, spacecraft, rovers and helicopters used to explore them. Students will have the chance to question and interact with JPL/Caltech engineers and scientist to learn about the basic tools used in every day space exploration. The class will be conducted synchronously online, via Zoom, for 60 minutes Monday and Wednesday. Students should have access to a device that will allow them to share video as well as audio and access to an environment that will allow them to do so. The class is meant to be interactive, so students will be allowed to comment through Zoom verbally or through the chat feature. Students will have the opportunity to create images and stories to share so the ability to submit their creations via scanned images, photos or written electronic documents is strongly encouraged. The class will be broken up into three segments. Each day the class will begin with a reflection from the previous class and then an introduction of a new aspect of mankind’s exploration of space, via a video or slideshow. During the second segment students will have a chance to explore and share thoughts about each concept through a chat or Q and A session on the days subject. Students may be broken up into smaller discussion groups and earn “points” for thoughtful exploration of the universe. The third segment students will be allowed to share their common experiences as a group and tally any points earned. They will then be given a chance to reflect via a craft, drawing or story, about the days topics or preview the next days topic. They have the option to submit their reflections electronically and selected submissions will be showcased in class. Students may opt out of the zoom meeting during this segment of the class, to create their work.