The Power of Friendship - Charlotte’s Web Novel Study 2-3

Teacher: Lauren McAlister
Grade(s): 2-3
Session(s): 6 weeks/ Combined Session
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 9am - 9:55am
Cost: $110 (material fee included)
Can a spider and a pig really be friends? Come discover the importance of friendship as we read E.B. White’s classic, Charlotte’s Web. We will focus on important reading skills to enhance comprehension, such as character traits, cause and effect, sequencing, theme, and vocabulary acquisition. As we move through the book, students will also participate in fun and engaging art and engineering activities related to the story.

This class will provide students with the opportunity to practice and enhance their reading skills. In addition, students will have a better understanding of and appreciation for kindness and friendship.

This class will be run synchronously. A box of supplies will be sent to each student (materials will be organized by activity). Students will also need the following materials: pencil, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, glue stick, white glue, scissors, tape, and a copy of Charlotte’s Web (digital or print).