Influential Women Who have Changed the World 5-8

Teacher: Daniela Barrero
Grade(s): 5-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 8:30 am - 9:55 am
Cost: $150
Explore the stories of women who have shaped our world using their voice to advocate for justice. Through analysis and discussion students will be introduced to the lives of women and their works. Students will be asked to reflect upon and analyze works of art, literature, and the lives of these women, taking their knowledge to create an original work reflecting their own lives and hopes for the future. An interactive class suitable for any individual who would like to gain a better understanding of various fields such as activism, education, artist and politics and the women who have thrived in them.

This class will be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous allowing for students to gain benefit from classroom instruction and discussion while still being able to create original works independently. Each week will cover influential women in different fields (education,activism, art, politics) and analysis of their works. Students will be asked to engage in class discussion and written reflections based on the information presented at each meeting. Special guest speakers could make an appearance to discuss their personal path and how they have used their life path to create change. Students will be asked to create their own original work that embodies who they are currently and the changes they want to see in the world around them.