Graphic Novel - Creating a Comic Book 5-8

Teacher: Bonnie Castillo
Grade(s): 5-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 3pm - 3:55pm
Cost: $150
A fun class designed for 5th through 8th grade students who are interested in storytelling and art, and who love comic books. Students will be introduced to the principles of graphic novels, creating a story, characterization, layout, lettering, and design, with the goal of creating and illustrating their own unique stories. Students will express their creativity by creating their personal illustrated stories and sharing them with their classmates. Class will feature collaborative learning and peer review as part of the creative process, with a focus on learning how to give constructive feedback to their peers.

The students and teacher will meet 3 days a week using Zoom. We will learn about what elements make a good story and will create drafts of our stories during the first class meetings. Students will share their story ideas with the class, getting valuable feedback from their peers and the teacher. We will discuss ways to give constructive feedback because this is a valuable skill. They will learn about traditional comic book layout design and begin sketching and planning their comic book. At the end of each meeting, each student will be given goals to have completed and ready to share by the next class meeting. Students will draw, color, letter and create a comic book story by the end of the Summer Session, and will present them to their classmates.

Your student will need the following supplies:
8x10 size drawing paper, Regular pencils and erasers, Colored pencils or pens, Ruler, Fine point Sharpie pen in black, lined paper or notebook for story ideas and sketches.

Expectations: attend sessions, have materials prepared, be prepared and willing to share and show your work with classmates, do your best, show kindness to your classmates, learn ways to provide helpful feedback, create a great comic book, have fun!